Edruptors 2021 | 8billionideas CEO David Harkin featured in Top 10 International Educational Influencers of 2021.

Throughout the challenges of 2021, there have been education leaders who have stepped to the forefront to meet the challenges head-on. ISC Research has put together data from all around the world in order to answer the question ‘Who are the opinion shapers within international education today?’ In their brand new white paper ‘Edruptors 2021’ they have issued a list of the top education influencers and shared their outlook for the future.

Our CEO, David, was thrilled to be featured as number 8 in ISC’s Top 10 International Educational Influencers list. As part of the nomination, he got to speak his mind on matters like how we can use social media more effectively, how we can create valuable connections and what we should look forward to in the education sector in 2022. He said:

‘We are probably at the most exciting point in education in over 100 years if we’re prepared to learn. There’s been so much innovation in the last two years. We’ve got to take what we’ve learned in that time and be galloping into the future with excitement about what the sector can do in the years ahead.’

Want to see David’s full thoughts, and read the points of view of other Education Influencers? You can download a free copy of the white paper here, and get actionable insights from some of the most influential thought leaders in education

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