#ROAR2021 - A World of Ideas

Last week, 8billionideas celebrated the final of ROAR 2021 - an annual education competition, organised in collaboration with the Lions Club International, that enables students up and down the UK to unlock their entrepreneurial spirit and create a world-changing idea.

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African Promise

African Promise is a small charity working to improve the quality of education in rural Kenyan primary schools. Established back in 2008 by Charles Coldman, their aim is to ensure that schools are equipped to deliver an education worth having.

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Five Entrepreneurial Skills to Encourage in Your Child

How much of what you learned in school directly
applies to what you're doing today?

In a rapidly changing world where the job market is becoming more competitive by the day, there has never been a more fantastic time to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset in children. As a parent, you have an opportunity to help shape your child into a successful person who is prepared to take on any challenge that life throws at them.

Here are five entrepreneurial skills you can teach your child to prepare them for the future they'll one day create for themselves:

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What Does It Mean to Be Entrepreneurial?

Some kids grow up ready to take on what life throws at them. Others need more time, or simply aren’t quite sure of their place in the world yet. Children with entrepreneurial qualities have usually been raised with an awareness of entrepreneurialism. But what exactly does it mean to be entrepreneurial?

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Why did we create Unlocking Education?

During the heat of the 2020 pandemic, we were amazed at the amount of innovation we were seeing from every part of the education sector. We were hearing from leaders of major educational institutions; those heading academies; independent, grammar, and international schools; even young offender units. Innovations were happening left, right, and centre in response to the challenges posed by the pandemic. 

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