How Beech Hall Riyadh engaged parents and empowered students

8billionideas helped Beech Hall Riyadh showcase its school while nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset through exciting programmes, fostering student confidence and future-ready skills. This approach led to engaged parents and empowered students adept at real-world problem-solving.


The Challenge

Showcasing the school and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset

Beech Hall Riyadh aimed to showcase the school as a newly established institution. In pursuit of this goal, a key objective was to cultivate robust community involvement among parents, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration.

Additionally, the school sought to elevate its emphasis on entrepreneurship, a foundational element within its curriculum that equips students with essential real-world skills.



The Solution

Three holistic learning initiatives and strong parent engagement

8billionideas designed a tailored programme consisting of three project-based initiatives – called Challenges – to cover all age groups:

  • For the youngest learners, the 'Lightbulb Moments' Challenge aimed to lay the groundwork for an entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Intermediate learners engaged in 'Design the Next Toy Craze', which familiarised them with product development, customer understanding, and going from conceptualisation to market.

  • For the oldest learners, the focus shifted towards sustainability and the transformative potential of their ideas in shaping the world.

In conjunction with these challenges, active collaboration occurred with students and the broader parent community to instil vital future-oriented learning skills.

The 'Superb Saturdays' initiative revolved around acquainting students with their envisioned future professions and cultivating the confidence to articulate their concepts effectively.

This approach allowed them to step beyond the confines of the curriculum and tackle real-world challenges, such as water scarcity in the community.


The Results

The efforts led to meaningful engagement with the parent community as well as the students. One notable outcome was the boost in students' self-confidence, stemming from their active participation in presenting their projects. This confidence wasn't solely derived from designing projects but also rooted in a transformation of mindset and the cultivation of a diverse set of skills.

Beyond the surface of project creation, the school managed to instil a paradigm shift in how students approached challenges and opportunities. This comprehensive approach aimed at nurturing not only their creative and analytical faculties but also their ability to adapt, collaborate, and think critically.

As a result, students were empowered to tackle complex problems with a holistic skill set that extended beyond their academic pursuits.

Hear what Sam and Ollie from 8billionideas had to say about the efforts:


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