8billionideas is raising!

8billionideas is announcing that it is raising a Series A investment to accelerate growth in 2022 and the years ahead, and that it has been selected to join the PwC Raise Programme.

EdTech start-up 8billionideas, a company providing a digital education platform with courses, live sessions, and dedicated mentors, is raising a Series A investment round this summer. The efforts are guided by the Raise Programme, an initiative aiming to make the process more efficient for entrepreneurs and investors alike.

“We've had a wonderful year with our partner schools and colleges. We're very proud to work across geographies, curricula, and age groups, and it's now time to truly accelerate towards providing every student in the world with future-focused learning,” says founder and CEO David Harkin. 

Following the company's founding in 2021, the purpose with the upcoming round is to serve more students and continue to develop the product and offerings to be at the cutting edge of education in the decade ahead.

“According to a Teacher Tapp survey we ran, only eight per cent of teachers report feeling well-equipped to advise students about their future. Given this, we are working hard to offer teachers and schools tools to confidently provide children with the skills they need,” says Ravi Chauhan, Director of Design and Marketing.

The company’s educational content is created in-house and fully underpinned by an educational framework that aims to help all learners achieve top results by developing useful attitudes and characteristics.

8billionideas is operating in a market that is quickly redefining education. The company has made considerable traction since its inception last year, having equipped thousands of students in more than 10 countries with careers knowledge and entrepreneurial skills. 

With the advancement of technology in education, the company strives to connect every child in the world to opportunity while simultaneously supporting teachers in their crucial efforts. 

Interested in learning more about this round of investment?

Contact Ravi Chauhan, Director of Marketing and Design, at ravi@8billionideas.com to get access to investor materials.

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