8billionideas appears on GB News

Our CEO, David, had the opportunity to appear on GB News this morning, speaking with Isabel Webster about the upcoming UK school term.

Applauding the 1 million people working in UK schools for their commitment and dedication throughout the pandemic, as well as the millions of pupils and parents for their resilience, David discussed how important a school environment can be to a child's education:

‘I think we all agree that children need to be in schools because the benefits are extraordinary. In the early days of the pandemic, we were reminded that the most important purpose of schools is that sense of belonging and community.’

UK teachers have worked incredibly hard throughout the pandemic. Despite growing concerns surrounding the omicron variant and its potential impact on teacher shortages within schools, David made a point that schools have continued to be adaptable and innovative in their approach to ensuring pupils receive a quality education. He also made it clear that students should not be kept in schools at all costs as hybrid teaching models enable pupils to learn from any given environment.

At 8billionideas, we’ve helped many schools to ensure their students receive a quality education throughout this challenging period by bringing future-focused learning to their curriculum through our diverse range of educational experiences.

Learn more about how we equip students with future-focused skills by clicking the link below: www.8billionideas.com

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