New Initiative Aims to Ignite a Passion for Sustainability Among Primary Students


London, 1 August. Farms for City Children and 8billionideas have joined forces in an exciting new collaboration, aiming to ignite the passion for sustainability among primary-age students and empower them to make a positive impact on the world.

The collaboration, called Grow24, is a free educational competition for primary students in the UK that seeks to spark their imagination, empowering them to believe in their ability to create meaningful change. By connecting the next generation with nature in a refreshing and enjoyable manner, the partnership aims to cultivate a deep-rooted passion for sustainability.

As a joint project by the charity Farms for City Children, founded by Michael Morpurgo and his wife Clare, and award-winning education company 8billionideas, it brings an exciting competition to schools across the country. Participation is free, and schools can access valuable educational materials wherever they are. The winning classes will be rewarded with a life-changing trip to a Farms For City Children farm.

‘Grow24 will empower young people to actively engage in a climate and sustainability agenda explicitly linked to food, farming, and outdoor learning, equipping them to be the agents of change in the way that we nurture and protect the natural world for generations to come,’ says Donna Marie Edmonds, Chief Executive of Farms for City Children.

‘It allows us to reach vast numbers of children, diversifying and including those who navigate their childhood through the most significant barriers to accessing nature’.

An Opportunity to Make a Difference 

The initiative presents a fantastic opportunity not only for students but also for organizations interested in CSR initiatives or individuals looking to make a meaningful impact.

The programme is currently open to investment, as the organisations are seeking sponsorship to run the programme in the next academic year. In total, Grow24 will be offered to every primary school in the country, encompassing up to 16,000 schools and five million children.

‘We are thrilled to introduce this hugely worthwhile initiative that will benefit thousands of schools across the country,’ says David Harkin, CEO and Founder of 8billionideas.

‘Students will be taught to innovate, create, and problem-solve around some of the greatest challenges faced by their generation. Grow24 will empower them to make changes to the way in which we engage with our land, environment, and food.’

Calling on businesses, organisations, and individuals to collaborate with us through a sponsorship opportunity to instil the principles of sustainability in countless young minds.

For those interested in sponsoring this impactful opportunity, please get in contact with Laura Kay, our Partnerships Manager, at

About 8billionideas

8billionideas is an EdTech and services company with the mission to give every student on the planet the skills and belief to change the world. By partnering with schools, the company delivers virtual or hybrid lessons and has already worked with more than 250,000 imaginative students worldwide. 

About Farms for City Children

Farms for City Children is a charity, founded by Sir Michael Morpurgo and his wife Clare, enabling children from disadvantaged communities to experience the adventure of working together on our farms in the heart of the British countryside.


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