Why did we create Unlocking Education?

During the heat of the 2020 pandemic, we were amazed at the amount of innovation we were seeing from every part of the education sector. We were hearing from leaders of major educational institutions; those heading academies; independent, grammar, and international schools; even young offender units. Innovations were happening left, right, and centre in response to the challenges posed by the pandemic. 

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However, very little of this innovation was being shared, and that’s when #UnlockingEducation was born - a virtual roundtable to bring education leaders together to share their stories. Since then, we have run a second #UnlockingEducation event in October 2020, focusing on the role skills and character could play in education.

Now we look forward to our third #UnlockingEducation, asking: ‘Can passion drive high performance?’

So - why are we doing it? Are we simply all talk and no action? Absolutely not! In fact, conversations like #UnlockingEducation are more vital than ever.

Creating Expert Conversation

We aim to pick relevant and vital topics, then source global experts to create fascinating conversations for our listeners. Our listeners come from a broad range of fields - they are passionate educationalists, entrepreneurs, employers, parents -- even students! It’s important that these conversations are well lead, and driven by an excellent host and facilitator.

Create Change

We want UnlockingEducation to create change at a global, national and local level - so far, we’ve succeeded in this goal.
Since we started, we’ve teamed up with the Foundation for Educational Development, which helps policy makers set a long term vision for education. We’re feeding in ideas from #UnlockingEducation into their plans. We’ve had countless headteachers tell us these conversations have sparked action within their schools and communities, and ultimately impacted those who matter most - the students.

And if we’re a little bit selfish…

Lastly and completely selfishly, we’re doing this for 8billionideas. We’re doing this so we can reflect on our role in the world after listening to the experts that we’ve consulted. We’re doing this to challenge what we’re teaching our students, to keep us on track, to make sure we’re cutting edge, and to make sure that 8billionideas is completely prepared for the future. #UnlockingEducation helps us with our ideation and planning for the future - we’re just letting the rest of the world peek into that process!

#UnlockingEducation: Can Passion Drive Performance?

This time, we’re asking the big questions: Should your students embrace their passion at an early age for education and career success? Can passion based learning increase attainment and achievement? Could uncovering passions supercharge student attitudes to learning?

Our amazing panel features genuine Education Thought Leaders, a Car Designer working at Tesla, an Olympian, and Big Data Pioneer. Together, they’ll consider the role passion could play in education. 

Make sure you sign up, register, and share the event with those you think would find it fascinating. Let’s continue to create conversations, create change within our sector and ultimately continue striving to give students the skills and beliefs to change the world.

Tuesday 15th June 7.45pm (GMT +1)

Sign up here. 


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