Launch of the 8illionideas Accelerator Programme for 15-18 year old students

A global poll conducted by Gallup found that only 15% of employees are engaged at work - this means that 85% of people are not fully happy with their careers. Having a job that we genuinely like translates to better professional results, higher engagement, and contributes to our overall happiness, so we decided to take some action and prove to young people that their passion can also become their career.

At 8billionideas, we saw the opportunity to help young people elevate their future careers and prepare them for what’s coming. We realised that students need more support in this area, so we decided to give them the future-proof skills and the mindset they will need to be successful. That is how the bespoke 8billionideas Accelerator Programme was born.

What is the Accelerator?

The Accelerator is a 4-day intensive learning programme designed to support the students in vital areas of their development: Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, Personal Branding, Growth Mindset and Interview Techniques. It gives students the opportunity to learn from our team of trained Facilitators led by an entrepreneur and a double TEDx speaker, 8billionideas’ CEO - David Harkin, and to hear from our inspiring speakers from businesses like Google, IBM, LinkedIn, and Amazon, as well as the start-up community. Giving students the opportunity to directly interact with industry experts, for many - role models, will give them real insight into the careers world and inspire them to start the journey towards their dream future. 

4 days of learning, lifetime results

The Programme was carefully planned and structured by our expert Facilitators to give students the essential skills step by step. 

Day 1 is Career Climate - an overview of the job market now and in the future and how to turn a passion into a career. 

  • Careers of Tomorrow: Could your future career be in robotics, food technology, or commercial space explanation? Could you solve the problems of the future? A fun introduction to thinking outside the box regarding the career opportunities of tomorrow.
  • Your Future Dream Job: How can you apply your passions, skills and unique attributes into landing the job that’s perfect for you? How self-reflection can help you if you don’t have a clue what you want to do for a living. 
  • Decision Time: As young people deciding on your future path, you’re faced with a lot of big decisions. Delve into the psychology of decisions, gain confidence in your own decision-making ability, become equipped to navigate the pitfalls of decision-making, and understand the cognitive biases that get in the way of making good decisions. 

Those three parts will help students find out more about their dream job and plan their next move on the way there.

Day 2, Career Toolbox, will give the participants the skills they’ll need to actually get where they want. They will find out how to carve their own path, become an entrepreneur, and gain the practical skills needed to land their dream job. 

  • Job Application Boot Camp: How to search smart, apply for jobs, approach employers, and write cover letters.
  • Write An Amazing CV: Understand what makes an amazing CV, how to write one, and how to stand out.
  • What Makes An Entrepreneur & Start A Business 101: Wouldn’t it be great if you could work for yourself? How do you start a business when you have no idea where to start? What are the necessary skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur?

Talent can’t shine if you don’t show it. Day 3, Shine, will let the students discover how to let their unique personality talk for them. They will also learn how to develop their communication skills, personal branding, and social media presence. We’ll also be giving some tips on how to be charismatic and talk the talk, even when you’re nervous!

  • Interview Skills: How to impress employers and interviewers, present yourself well, and answer interview questions with flair. Conquer interview jitters once and for all.
  • Public Speaking Demystified: How to make them hang on your every word, and excel at public speaking - even if you’re terrified!
  • Personal Branding: Harness the power of social media to find mentors, grow your personal brand, and get the positive attention you want; be social media safe, smart and savvy. 

Hard skills are not everything when it comes to being successful. Day 4 is Growth Mindset - all about building the right mindset, confidence and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Students will be encouraged to challenge themselves to level up in all aspects of life - not just academically or career-wise. This day is about a holistic approach to personal development and is all about growth and self-reflection.

  • Getting comfortable in your own skin: How to build healthy self-esteem, understand yourself and rock it.
  • Mindfulness and Mental health: Taking care of you.
  • How to be creative 

8billionideas’ mission is to give every student on the planet the skills and the belief to change the world. The innovative approach to learning, the world-class learning materials, and the exceptional, highly trained Facilitators make the Accelerator Programme do exactly that.

What’s next?

The Accelerator Programme will not only have a lasting impact on a students’ future, but it will also give them tangible results right away. Each student completing the Programme will receive a personalised, job application-ready paragraph outlining your strengths and stating 8billlionideas’ official endorsement. This statement from a globally recognised education company can be used on their USCA, University application, or on their LinkedIn profile. During the Programme, students will also build their CV, as well as a creative business idea relating to something they’re passionate about. 

The Accelerator is the perfect addition to the school’s curriculum for any student that wants to take their future career to the next level - it teaches, inspires and lets the student unleash their creative potential to go and change the world.

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