#ROAR2021 - A World of Ideas

Last week, 8billionideas celebrated the final of ROAR 2021 - an annual education competition, organised in collaboration with the Lions Club International, that enables students up and down the UK to unlock their entrepreneurial spirit and create a world-changing idea.

This year, we asked a total of 25,000 students from 129 primary schools to use their imagination and think of a specific problem to solve. The problem could be associated with the environment, education, transport, nutrition or a social issue - as long as they covered these five key question:

1. What is the problem you’re solving?

2. When does the problem occur?

3. Where does the problem occur?

4. Why does the problem occur?

5. How large is the problem?

The next stage of the competition required the students to prototype their ideas, before sending us their finalised solutions in a video presentation. What followed was our National Awards Day virtual final - where we announced the winning teams!


We were so impressed by all of the incredible ideas submitted, and although it was tough to narrow down our winners to just eight, the following schools really went up and beyond with their solutions:

  • St. Martin’s Primary School - ‘The Katy Perry's Thermo Feet'
    Solution: Smart shoes to keep you warm and safe.
  • St. George’s School - ‘The Wild Warriors’
    Solution: Creation of safe and reusable vaccines.
  • Wonersh & Shamley Green Infant School - ‘The Power Track’
    Solution: A healthy way to generate green energy.
  • St Francis’ Catholic Primary School - ‘The Green Turtle Shells’
    Solution: A unique dictionary pen.
  • Lord Deramore’s Primary School - ‘Food for You’
    Solution: A special food service so that people in need can eat.
  • Upton Primary School - ‘The Sanitiser Workers’
    Solution: A conceptualised robot that helps and encourages children to use hand sanitiser.
  • The Prince of Wales School - ‘The 3 Litter Pickers’
    Solution: A litter grabbing boat to clean up pollution in the oceans.
  • Dormer Wells School - ‘Dunkish’
    Solution: A conceptualised approach to making litter picking fun with a basketball.


It was wonderful to see the confidence of so many diverse and inquisitive students shine throughout the competition. The eight winning participants were rewarded with a three-month access prize to the 8billionideas online learning platform, with countless Live Experiences, Self-Paced Courses and Bite-Sized Video content to interactive with, and the opportunity to take their entrepreneurial abilities to the next level.

We’re so proud of the relationship we’ve built with the Lions Club International throughout the years and the impact 8billionideas has made on so many students.

Until next year!

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